Querying Activity Logs pages & created_at field format

Hi guys

it is amazing that we now can query Activity Logs. However checking the documentation and trying it myself, two doubts remain:

1 - How to use “page” parameter on the query?

For example, if I run the query bellow with “page”=2 no result is returned. When “page”=1 it works fine.

query { boards (ids: 126809661 page: 2)
{activity_logs {id,user_id,event,created_at,data }} }

2 - Which format has “created_at” field?

On documentation it is written that it is a string value, but result looks like this:
“created_at”: “16024823125305608”

and I can’t figure out what kind of date format it is this. Could you help me how to parse it?

Thanks for helping.

hi @marioscheel

Welcome to the community. To answer your question 2:
The timestamp is in EPOCH format, there is plenty of information on the internet with provide detailed information. An online converter can be found here https://www.epochconverter.com/

hi @basdebruin

Standard Epoch times are measured in seconds and have normally 10 digits size for current dates.
The “created_at” returned on my example is 17 digits long. Is there some extra information I am missing?

hi @marioscheel
True, it is not excatly what you expect from standard EPOC, you have to divide it by 10.000. A good discussion can me found here Date format of activity_log.created_at field