Querying boards with board_kind shareable does not work

When querying my boards I put arguments to my query like:
$ex_query = ‘{
boards (limit: 4, board_kind:public) {
This works fine. As soon I change the board_kind to shareable (in stead of public) I get the following message returned from my query:
[message] => Argument ‘board_kind’ on Field ‘boards’ has an invalid value. Expected type ‘BoardKind’.

Looks like shareable is not a valid board_kind (but it is listed in the documentation).
Please help with a query for all shareable boards.

Found it! The actual query should be:
$ex_query = ‘{
boards (limit: 4, board_kind:share) {name}
The documentation states “shareable” (see below)

The board’s kind (public/private/shareable).

Hey Bas! Good catch – I’ll pass this along to our team so they can edit the documentation.