Querying Items in v2 API based on the last updated date

Hi Team,

Just curious to understand that how could we only call items based on their last updated date (for instance, get all items updated in the last 7 days). I didn’t see any information about the same in the documentation.


Hello @SaurabhGupta :wave:

I’m afraid that the Last Updated column isn’t supported by our API at this time. This is because it’s calculated client side. You can see a list of these column types here - https://monday.com/developers/v2#column-values-section-auto-calculated-column

Although the API does have the ability to ping the Activity Log - https://monday.com/developers/v2#queries-section-activity-logs

While I’m not currently familiar with your intended workflow, I’m curious if that might be of any value to you? :slight_smile: