Question about AVERAGE in formulas

I have a series of numbers columns and one formula column that averages the numbers columns to get an ‘overall health score’. Is there a way to round this number if the average is say 64.75? I’ve tried a number of different options such as ROUNDUP(AVERAGE({Col1}, {Col2})) but that didn’t work out. I have also tried to make the initial average column hidden and create another column to round up that column, but that didn’t work either.

Is there an output modifier for the formulas, or is there another way to accomplish this?

Thank you!


You’re almost there…

The syntax for ROUNDUP() is ROUNDUP(number to round, number of decimal places to round to)

So, your formula should read:

ROUNDUP(AVERAGE({Col1}, {Col2}),2)

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Nice, thank you so much! I ended up using ROUNDUP(AVERAGE({Col1},{Col2}),0) worked perfectly!

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