Question about custom integrations

Hi Monday Team

Is it possible to have a pre-made trigger (for integration recipes) for column change which also outputs the itemID where the change occured? the triggers I see in the recipe page only output the boardID and the columnID.

Hi @jaacquees

Not 100% sure I understand your question. When you use a standard trigger “When column changes” you can get hold of the item in the action (custom action) part of the integration.
You need to specify the itemId as input value and get it from the trigger output. The itemId of the item changed will be in the payload>inputFields of the request made to your actionUrl.

Is that what you was looking for or am I interpreting your question wrong?

My bad… 2 minutes after posting the question I realised these outputs all exist already. I was looking in the wrong place. Either too much, or not enough coffee I guess…

I did actually have a follow up question. On creation of an item via a form view. Does the « Any column changed » trigger fire multiple times (I.e. once for each column with a value provided in the form)? Or does it not fire at all (because it is considered a new item, not a column update)?

What I understood (and tested) is that a column change trigger does not fire at all when a new item is created through a form. That is a real issue for me and therefore I redesigned everything to make use of custom trigger that creates webhooks in the subscribe event. I do expect that I can create 2 webhooks (to the same endpoint): one for column change and one for item creation.

Indeed, having just tested it now, an item creation via a form will only fire the item creation itself.

It seems like the form sends a create_item mutation with a column_values JSON parameter, so this just counts as one event, one action.

By the way, did you manage to make the create_item mutation work in the API with a parameter for column_values? i tried sending a stringified JSON with a collection of {id: , value:} objects. It gives me a lot of backslashes because of the stringified jsons inside this stringified json. it doesn’t produce an error, it creates the item, but doesn’t populate the columns.



The same happens when you duplicate an item (with values). This will not generate a column_change event. I am in discussion with monday because in my opinion it should generate a column change on item create AND on item delete.

I did not need a create item with column_values up till now. Won’t JSON.stringify not taking care of all the escape \'s?