Question to developer regarding "Color by Person column"


May I know what is the logic behind the color you guys assign to the item in the calendar? Is there a list of color assigned follow by sequence? If yes, how many colors in total and what are the colors?


Hey @yarhuoy - I believe the colors are assigned randomly when coloring by assignee. One workaround we’ve seen is being crafty and making a status label for each person, then color by that status.

As for the number of colors - I believe this should be 30 colors total.


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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it :blush:
Meanwhile, can you please provide me the color list in sequence?
I’m curious what if the board has more than 30 people? How the color assign to 31st people and so on?

Br, YarHuoy

Hi Daniel,

Is there any update for this?

Br, YarHuoy

Hey @yarhuoy - apologies for the delay.

You can see the color index here.

As for the additional users - we would recommend using something like a dropdown column for that use.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the color list :blush:

No, I was asking how the default calendar of MondayApp assign the color after the colors in the list was used up, will it repeat again?

My question here is: How you guys assign the color to the assignee randomly in default calendar but still get the same color every time? (For example, assigned blue color to YarHuoy, and YarHuoy will always get blue color in the calendar and won’t change anymore)

Hmm… Can you get my question? :sweat_smile:

Br, YarHuoy

Popping in here to say that the dropdown is a nice recommendation. What we need is actually more than 30 colors. Colors are already indexed through a numbering system, including them in the application would increase the visual process immensely.
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