Questions about app with only Integration Templates


  • we want to create a simple app that only have Integration Templates.
  • the app is to get events from predefined boards (column value change).
  • the app have a backend side (python) that gets the events- calculate stuff and updating the board through api calls.

we did most of the work but have several questions:

  • the app is depended on a different app that already installed and added boards. is there a way to allow install app only if the user installed other apps before? (Requirements)

  • after install the app (that only has one feature - workflow block that is triggered by event) how can we auto add the feature to specific board? we dont want the user need to go and add template from the app to the board. is there some onboarding flow we can add?

  • as I mentioned, all of the code is written in backend python, which uses api to get/update data. i saw that we can use “Seamless Authentication using shortTermToken” but there are cases where we need to call api even without the user doing any action. we want to use OAuth Access to have permanent api and for that we saw that we need to send the user authorize request for example Where Teams Get Work Done. we saw its the same route as install the app for example Where Teams Get Work Done. why we need 2 different calls? how its expected to pass the user the request? by mail? through the app?

Hello there @ido.radai and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

Regarding your questions:

  1. You can not condition the installation of the app on other apps being installed or not.

  2. There is no way to automatically add your recipe to a board without any user interaction. You could use a workspace template feature with a board that already has the recipe in it and then the users can use that template and have the board with the recipe. The onboarding flow that you see in some apps is reserved for apps that are in the apps marketplace.

  3. After the app is installed, if your app only has an integration feature, you can use the Authorization URL as shown here to show the OAuth scopes authorization screen :smile:


@Matias.Monday Thank you for your reply,
I believe that the answer to all my questions is that the user needs to do some action:

  • install another app that our app is relied on
  • authorize api access by clicking the authorize url
  • add template to the needed board

what is the best way to pass those instructions to the user?

  • add guide inside the app description page?
  • is there a way to open screen with text after app install?
  • is there better way?

thank you!

Hello again @ido.radai,

Is this app you are planning to build for the apps marketplace?

@Matias.Monday yes, and we want to try make it self served and simple as possible

Hello again @ido.radai,

The user would need to install another app your app relies on - Yes. That is correct.
The user would need to authorize api access by clicking the authorize url - Yes. Correct (the OAuth scopes authorization screen if you use OAuth).
The user would need to add the recipe to the board - Yes. Correct.

You can not open a screen of your own after the installation of the app.

You can show instructions in different ways such as:

  • The apps in the marketplace have a “How to use” section you can use
  • Using the app’s description
  • Add a view feature with instructions
  • Sending an email to the user who installs the app

Let me know if you have any other questions!