Questions about the app marketplace, billing and the Monday Apps Challenge

Hello team,

Regarding the ‘Devpost - Monday Apps Challenge: Dream it, build it’, for the submission, do I need to make the app public in the app Marketplace?

BTW, I can’t find any information about the Marketplace? How can I publish apps for the app Marketplace? Or at least when it will be possible? Please share with me any pages with more information about it.

Another question regarding the app marketplace: Will provide/manage the billing of the apps? Or each vendor/seller we’ll have to implement billing systems? What’s the plans/timelines for this?


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Hi Adam,

You don’t need to publish it for the marketplace for the challenge. Our marketplace is not yet open so there is not option to do so.

If you want to start the process of submitting your app for the marketplace you can submit a request here:

On the first version of the marketplace monday will not provide a billing mechanism, you can implement one yourself. We do plan to add one in the future.