Questions about the recent update of the seat-based apps mechanism

Hi there,

Some questions about the recent update of the seat-based apps mechanism:

First quetion, how can I test if my apps are subject to this new mechanism? My Idea was to use the set mock app subscription API but our developer instance is seen as a 0 user plan (by the Plan API):

  "data": {
    "account": {
      "plan": {
        "max_users": 0,
        "period": "infinity",
        "tier": "free",
        "version": 9
  "account_id": xxxx

So any seat-plan from my app is accepted with that number of user.

Next question, regarding the changelog it’s stated:

This logic applies to view apps, dashboard widgets, and custom objects (essentially any UI feature).

Does this logic also apply to Workdoc? And more precisely to Workdoc Action? If no, any plan to add compatibility?

One last thing regarding the updated seat-based monetization documentation, the link in the sentence:

we will block or allow user access by comparing account size to plan size

lead to a non-accessible thread.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @clement.devdevils,

Great questions! We just created the feature but it hasn’t been opened to any apps yet, so there is no developer impact as of now. I’ve updated the communications from yesterday accordingly to avoid confusion!

  1. We don’t currently have a way to test it…but if you have an app with an item view, board view, dashboard widget, or custom object + use seat-based pricing, your app would be impacted.
  2. This will not apply to doc actions.
  3. Thank you!

Please reach out with any other questions or feedback!