Range as a question

Would it be possible to create a range question. Lets say from 1-10 and be able to add a text on 1, 5 and 10.

The only similar option today is: rating. But sometimes the layout of starts is not good, when talking about the severity of an accident or a like.

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Hi @Benjamin2 !

I think that the Status or Priority Column would work great for you! So you can create labels from 1-10 and then there is a great feature used in this column also for the notes. So if you hover over the top right corner it should “peel” and reveal a “+”. If you click on that you can add notes and it will automatically log in your updates also!
Label "dog-ear"

You can check our more details here also!

Hope this helps!

Hey I think you misunderstood

I meant in the forms as a question.

e.g. on a scale from 1-10 how sewere was you accident. 1 = not severe, 10 = very severe

Makes sense?

I cannot add a status or a priority as a question in a questionare.

Best regards