Re-adding the ability to right click an item in Timeline view

A previous version of Monday allowed you to right-click an item on the timeline view. This action would allow you to duplicate and delete items in this view, without having to leave the timeline and go to the main table view. This is a painful and time consuming task, especially when you’re dealing with multiple items you’d like to copy or delete. I’d like this feature re-introducing.

Fully agreed!!! Seeing usefull features disappear without valid workaround is not acceptable


Fully agreed !!

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Concerning the above timeline view, it helped us to monitor and adjust all the tasks for almost 200 users on a daily basis. The functionality allows simply to duplicate a task on the timeline and easily adjustable according to our business process.

We really need this functionaly back.

MONDAY shall not remove functionalities without informing the users well in advance. All the business structure are sometimes based on those functionalities.


Having the same issue here… I’ve been discussing with the support chat all morning trying to solve until I found this topic.
Unbelievable how they just remove a feature that has always been there… as a team manager, I basically used only the timeline view to duplicate, delete… almost never needed to change to main, but now have to check the timeline item, go search for it on main to add a similar task… or create it from scratch at timeline… lot more time consuming on something that should never be changed… not for the worse at least…


Agree with all of the comments already here, we use the timeline functionality on 95% of our boards day-to-day - so bringing this back is crucial.
Its a shame it was removed without some clearer understanding or rationale - let me know if there is anything else we can do to escalate


Do we know if MONDAY sees those comments and taking a decision to put it back? or this thread of discussion remains between unhappy users :frowning_face:

Hello Monday Users,
I discovered this week that MONDAY put back the Duplicate function in Timeline.

Thanks to Monday development team for listening to customer’s feedback. Great :grinning: