Re-arrange the order of questions on forms

Hi there,

This is a reasonably basic request I think.

When turning a board into a form at the moment (unless I’m missing something) the form questions are asked in the same order that columns are presented in the board view.

It would be fantastic to be able to reorder the order the questions are asked, without having to re-order the columns.

The reason for this in our use case is that the way our customer service team like to position columns to see prioritised or similar data is not the same way that makes sense to ask for that info from our prospects.

ie. It makes intuitive sense for the user for the first few questions on a form to ask them their first name, last name, email address etc. But for our customer service team, they want to prioritise different columns to appear first, on the left of the board.


I have the same exact issue, this would be fantastic!!!