Re-organizing and re-distributing workspace information

We are currently restructuring our workspace and need some guidance on the strategy to move forward with this implementation.

The main Board A workspace we are working on displays items and project needs such as X, Y, Z and several other requests. This is connected to a Board B that is connected to two other boards (Board C and D).

Our goal is to turn Board A into a summary tracker to view the progress of each item from a ‘top line’ perspective. We want to have an additional Board B-1, breaking down information from Board A with the use of subitems to provide item progress in greater detail. The information that is currently in Board A will need to be re-organized into the new Board B-1 board per subitem line.

We have an automation to ‘create’ a new line in Board B when an item is added into Board A. This continues a workflow with Board C & D, which will move to operating from Board B-1.

How do we transfer information from Board A into new Board B-1 without having duplicates created in Board B?

Do we turn off all automations before we duplicate lines to then move across boards?

What is the most efficient way to re-organize the same information into a different format?

Is there an automation that will distribute information from one board to another board using an item number match?

Can we use the cross reference connection between boards to ensure Board B-1 and Board B will be connected, as they share the same item number?

Any help with this delicate operation is appreciated!

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Margaret_MBG :wave:

Welcome to the community!

You’re not alone in your search for clarity from one place! There are a few things to address around the use of subitems and the connection and creation between your boards - I think you’d benefit greatly from an hour’s consultation aimed at setting this up for you and providing understanding of it’s working parts so you can self maintain moving forward.

Let me know if this is of interest, happy to jump on a call and further understand your requirements together :slight_smile:

Peta | upstream
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