READ THIS FIRST - How to submit Feature Requests & Feedback in

Hey everyone! Galit here again :blush: So as you can see, yes we dream big and we need your help!

We take your feedback seriously and it means a lot to us. When we release features, we want to be sure we not only do it fast, but in the best way possible so that it meets the needs of all of our users. We do our best to implement features but there are few variables to take into consideration; for example will this help all of our users and their pain points? Is this something relatively easy to implement or more complex (from the developer side of things)?

So how can you help us? We want to hear everything so we can fully understand you and your team’s workflow.

  • Tell us your use case. How do you and your team already use Be specific if possible to give us the complete picture.
  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve. The better we can understand how it fits into your workflow, the easier it is for us to prioritize in our Voice of Customer process.
  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team; is this having a critical impact that’s affecting your team’s productivity? Is this causing roadblocks in adopting as your main work tool?
  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you.

We will then categorize and prioritize this as much as we can to implement into our product roadmap! (Check it out here - roadmap) Again, there are many variables to consider before anything is implemented, but we do our best to address as many needs of our customers as possible. We’re also considering implementing a voting process so you can have even more control and make a bigger impact with us. Thanks in advance for all your feedback since this helps us drive in the right direction!


Hey team. The new community setup looks good. I’m stoked this will be coming off Facebook, that place is a productivity black hole.

Here’s one opportunity I would love to see you implement for this community forum…

At the moment, we don’t have any way to learn about ALL the feature improvements you’re making. Yes, we get emails about BIG feature updates and notifications. And you have the high - level roadmap. And you also give medium feature updates within the app.

But you also seem to be shipping many smaller feature improvements, and not notifying users. I get why you’re doing this: you don’t want to overwhelm people.

However, sometimes a minor feature improvement can make a massive change to our workflow. E.g. You enable a new column in forms, or enable a new column in an automation, or tweak a dashboard filter.

I have about 5-10 of these minor feature requests that I’m holding out for, and I’m concerned I’ll just miss them.

So, could you create an automation so whenever you change a feature status in Monday to “done” there’s an automatic update in a thread in this community forum?


I would also love to have something like Adobe has in their feedback forums, every feature / bug have it’s status, ex. In Backlog, In progress, in Review, done etc.

I’ve been writing mails to monday support about small bugs, suggestions, and was told “that’s a great idea, I’ll pass this to devs”, but nothing changed and I have no idea where it stuck and why…


Hey Paul,

Thanks for sharing your concerns! Until now, we used the FB group to communicate new stuff to our community and we’ll be taking this practice forward inside this forum :slight_smile:

If you want to ensure you’re always updated of new topics posted in the Announcements category, make sure you are “watching” the category or “watching first post”. You can change that when you click inside the category, on the top right:


Hi Kamil

Thanks for sharing and for this suggestion! We are considering exactly how to show the status of every feature request and using tags such as those you have suggested here is definitely one option being considered.

We’ll update you when we have determined the exact process but absolutely agree with you that achieving the highest level of transparency in terms of requests is important!

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