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Use Case: Follow-up, customer satisfaction, KPI/Metrics tracking, Onboarding tracking

It would be awesome if there was integration with the Responsibid platform. This would enable our operation to utilize automations even more efficiently and ensure accountability across the board. There may be some work around using the follow up notification system within Responsibid to generate the necessary data to populate the Monday database, but it would seem challenging at best.

Use of file sort / filter options (such as size, date created etc)

  • Use Case: Reviewing all documents relating to 1 board using the file Gallery View

  • Request: At the moment, the file gallery view does not have an option to filter out small size files. As a result, the file gallery view is littered with small jpeg files (which come from email signatures on emails forwarded to a pulse).

  • Pain point: There are 2000 + files to wade through to find the actual documents of value due to all the small email image files when using a file view

  • Impact: inconvenience, renders the file view as not functional

  • Workarounds I’ve tried: none

Ability for users other than the user who creates a comment on a workdoc to mark the comment as “resolved”. We utilize workdocs as a Creative Pitch documents that go through multiple revisions. The main lacking feature keeping us from fully switching from Google Docs is the restriction that only the creator of a given comment can mark it as “resolved”. Additionally, only workspace admins can delete the comments. So when a writer is doing a revision on a workdoc, they cannot keep track of what they have/have not resolved and end up scrolling through endless lists of comments.

  • Tell us your use case - Real Estate Investment Firm - Heavy on the CRM Side
  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point- Painful Navigating The UI, switching between PRODUCTS when I can literally SEE an easier way in my mind every day,
  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team- Team doesnt want to use
  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you. - Going the long way around and navigating through my workspaces via “View All Workspaces and just labling everything with [PRODUCT NAME] in front of [Workspace Name]”

USE CASE: Something that would be easy to implement because it exists already in another use case is conditional coloring filters. I can filter things in a view with and/or, but not with conditional coloring. I would like to use conditional coloring for when my team makes a mistake and clicks an incorrect status. For instance, when they click a status “Done,” for example, but there are other conditions that indicate it may not be done, I would like to highlight that row for sure, possible a specific cell, a certain color. We have contractors doing a lot of projects for me, and we have humans reviewing everything. However, they review so much, even the reviewers miss things that if I could automate, it draws immediate attention to the problem, and lets them change it. Seems easy enough since like I said, I can filter much more in views than I can in conditional coloring.

We would like to be able to track emails sent in the Emails and Activities app by a different column than the “email” column. We have multiple tasks created by the same “submitter” and their email address would be in the email column. We would like to be able to create a unique number for each task that could then be used as an identifier for emails to be logged in the app.

It would be nice if the button feature allowed us to attach a website that will open when clicked. This would also be helpful so a button can be used to “jump” between boards in I have several boards connected, but having my team know where to click the link to get to which board is a pain. Not everyone understands the path. I tried creating a link column in each board but that was time consuming and didn’t resolve issue. If I could place buttons stratigically where they need to be, it would be great.

Product Roadmaps and Portfolio Tracking.
Being able to mirror entire groups in other boards rather than just fields (columns) of the items.

I work with various product teams who control their own product roadmaps. I want to be able to pull the frequent updates from my product teams into a single portfolio view. Being able to track progress and more importantly new features which are added to the respective roadmaps.

The current problem is that, although i can mirror the an item and its related columns, if a new feature item is added to a group, this is not automatically pulled through the overarching view. I have to manually check, compare and add the subsequent items, mirror all of the relevant columns, rather than being able to mirror the original group of items in its entirety. This works, but there is an inherent risk that some items are lost/not captured at the correct time due to manual effort/human error.
It is unfortunately a repetitive time sink, which is less than ideal. Particularly as other competitors e.g. Jira have this as a ‘project’ function. It brings the utility of as our provider of choice into question, despite its fantastic UX/UI and I’d very much like to stay working with!

  • Tell us your use case.
    We have a content production board where the subitems represent steps in the production process with associated due dates and interdependencies. There are 15 subitems that are automated to generate at item creation. We are not able to automate the interdependencies as part of the generation, since the depencies are on other subitems that are not yet on the board.
  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve. In the “create a subitem” automation, when you click into the underlined word subitem and see a pop up of all the columns in your board for your subitems, I would like to be able to select other subitems within that same automation as dependencies.
  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team.
    This is having a huge impact. Setting many interdepencies manually across 15 subitems takes time and has human error involved. The manual solution may cause us to abandon using dependencies at all, which is one of the key reasons we decided to use Monday.
  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you.
    We are manually adding dependencies after the subitem generation automation runs.
  • Tell us your use case.
    We have several dates in our production board that we would like to trigger the creation of google calendar events in a shared google calendar accessed by the engineering team. It seems that we can only create events in individual google calendars.

  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve.
    Our shared google calendar is used team-wide, and is viewed by teams that do not use Monday. There are at least 10 events per week that live within Monday and need to be added to that shared calendar. We would like that to happen automatically.

  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team.
    This is causing confusion among teams. Adding the dates manually into the google calendar is frustrating enough, but if date changes occur within Monday, they do not flow out to the calendar, and this is causing confusion.

  • List any workarounds you may have tried and to what degree this is solving the issue for you.
    I am in the process of looking into other solutions but have not found one that is usable yet.

  • Tell us your use case.
    We use subitems as individual and standardized tasks in our production board. Each item has an identical set of subtasks that is automatically generated at the time of item creation. Those subitems then have unique due dates and are assigned to different people on the team.

  • Frame the feature request/feedback in context with your pain point and what you want to achieve.
    Since all subitems have the same wording, the “My Work” area is very confusing. You can only see the parent task name by hovering over the task. I would appreciate an easier view for seeing the title of the parent task in the “my work” area for subtasks.

  • Help us understand the impact this is having on your team.
    Moderate frustration. Right now, the “My Work” area is very confusing.

Suggest each of the boards ‘link’ address be able to be copied from the menu pain.

As well as each Folder be able to be ‘linked’ as well, then can share the link for staff that is tied to their Folder.

Mirroring multiple baords to one column in one board.

Possibility to change the people assigned to a task directly from “My work”.

Currently, on “My work” view, we have to open the task and change the people assigned to the task inside it, it will be easier if you could do it directly clicking on the column where we see the assigned people, like if you were in a normal board view.

The time tracking column doesn’t allow for multiple users to track time at the same time. This would be a great functionality for our team to have.

Hi people,

I’ve been using the product for quite some time, a long time as part of a large team and now as an individual user. One of my main use cases today is creating boards to plan travel abroad, for which I’m using, among others, the date column with actual times (that’s to display flight times, planned events at a scheduled hour and more).

My main pain point is that as I travel between different timezones, the hour stored in the date column automatically shifts to match my computer’s (or phone’s) current timezone. This is usually not what I wish to happen, as I input the hour of the event in the destination’s timezone and not at my origin. For example, say I have a meeting at 10am destination time and my origin country’s timezone is 2 hours before. When I land at the destination and open my board, the hour of the event in my board would appear as if I wrote 12pm, which is wrong.

My feature request is to either allow me to set the default behavior of the app (either change or do not change timestamps according to timezones) or allow me to pick a timezone when inputting times into date columns, the same way Google Calendar lets me for example.

The impact, of course, would be me not missing any flights/meetings/events.

My current workaround is inputting the hour of the event based on what the hour in my origin country would be. That is a partial solution of course because, aside from the extra work, hours would appear incorrectly when I’m still in my origin country.

Thanks and keep kicking ass!

Hi we use the time tracker but some staff forget and it is silently ticking away - sometimes for days, in the background - deep amongst groups. Would be good to have a widget so you can see what you are tracking time on and place at the top of your work board.