READ THIS FIRST - Why are feedback & requests important to us here at

Hey everyone! Galit here, from our wonderful Customer Success team! One of our core values here at is transparency. We believe in this in literally every aspect of our work. With this in mind, it’s super important to us to have the complete picture about our customers and share it across our teams. This way, we are all aligned in making the best it can be for our customers.

With our customers’ needs always on our minds, we collect and analyze every channel of communication so we ensure that we’re talking to users of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. This is our Voice of the Customer process. To give you an idea, our customer success team speaks to roughly between 15,000 - 25,000 users per month! We also have about 70,000 NPS surveys with over 15,000 of users providing feedback that we read through on a daily basis. Our product team sends out surveys at different points in time to hear from more users as well. We also analyze our social media channels and reviews (the good, the bad and yes even the not-so-pretty)! All of this helps us remain focused as a customer centric company.

Another two core values that we believe in are flexibility and customization. So we really want to hear your requests and feedback! It gives us direction and a way to shape to fit every need possible. With the feedback we already collect, our product managers and developers were able to build our roadmap to share with all of our users. Here’s an example to give you all an idea of how much we appreciate and listen to your feedback-

  • Due Date Reminders

This was a long time pain point and request we got from our users. It was the top request before we released our Automations, My Week, and Deadline Mode features. While at the same time that we were implementing the best ways to categorize the feedback we were getting, our team worked on ways to prioritize this and understand the root of the pain point.

  • What aspect of due date reminders did our users need?
  • Was it an area to manage their deadlines?
  • Was it a more visual way to see deadlines on their boards?
  • Or was it a notification in the system to keep team members collaborating and on top of their deadlines?

After much experimentation, it was clear that it was all of the above. When we released Deadline Mode and My Week, we saw our users’ engagement dramatically increase, and our feedback about due date reminders decreased (while questions about the “My Week” area increased as well)

(rough example)

The last piece to this puzzle was the release of our automations- This not only helped address the need for team members to get notified about due dates, but also opened the door to many more possibilities with out in my next post about how to submit your feedback to us! :):blush:

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