Reccurent Tasks Automation and Notifications

How can I organize something like a Tickler File System in my Workspace?

Because I have reccurent tasks that I would like to set with a reccurency type (Quarterly, Monthly, Biweekly) and with a Target Dead Line Date that notifies people assigned to the item. But couldn’t find a way of setting this up. Any ideas?

OBS: The automation that duplicates the group doesn’t serve the purpose.

Hi @bm28 - we have set up something similar for a few firms that had recurring tasks for clients at various frequencies.

Each task would have a “Trigger Date” which is monitored then a Status column describing the frequency (Annual, Quarterly, etc.) which allows us to know how many days/weeks/months to push the due date and trigger date (for the next run).

When the trigger date arrives, we duplicate the task, then push the trigger date & due date based on the frequency. Depending on the number of frequencies you have you would need a custom automation for each to push the proper time.

We then would utilize and App like Column Magic to remove that pesky “(copy)” that is added when you duplicate an item.

Of course, there are a number of different ways you could approach this depending on your needs and processes, but this could be a solution or a start.