Recent increase in Complexity

Hi, I just had a script which used to work fine last week. But recently I started getting an exceeded complexity error, even when the board has not increased in size and the query itself is the same. Maybe there is some changes I am not aware of? Saw the last update about users queries, but I think mine should not be affected by that.

My error is:

ERROR:root:Error when parsing the response: 
  {"errors":[{"message":"Query has complexity of 29026535, which exceeds max complexity of 5000000"}],"account_id":XXXX} 
 and query: 
 query get_query {boards (ids: XXXX) 
                          {  name,
                              groups {id, title}
                              columns {id, title, type,}
                              items (limit: 100, page:1) 
                                    { id, created_at, name, state, updated_at,
                                       board { id, name },
                                       column_values { id, text, title, value },
                                       group { id, title },
                                       parent_item { id, name },   
                                       subitems { id, name, 
                                                   board { id, name },
                                                   column_values { id, text, title, type, value }
                          } complexity {query before after}}

I am also having issues with subitem queries - they are no longer viable as there seems to be an increase in complexity that rapidly exceeds the limits.

My paginated query hit 6 million complexity sometime over this last weekend.

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Hello there!

I believe this could be related to a temporary thing.

Does this still persist on your end?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Yes, it was solved. Thanks!

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