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Hello All,

Recently we have seen a large increase in users looking to have custom workflows developed for their company. Due to this high demand, we are looking to proactivity increase our team’s size before the workload becomes overwhelming.

To give a bit more background, CarbonWeb is a digital marketing company that specializes in a large variety of services ranging from web design, digital marketing to Workflow Automation and app development.

Currently, we are looking for a expert the Specialises in strictly board/automation creation. To clarify, this will be a position that does not deal directly with the client or external API work. You will be working alongside other team members that will help compile those other components needed to create a fantastic custom workflow.

The job opening can scale to your availability however, we are hoping for a minimum of around five hours of work a week to begin. You will be fully onboarded into our system and be required to document your work into our process. We are flexible on location however, we are primarily based in EST timezone.

If you are interested, please feel free to schedule a time with my calendly link below. Calendly - Jack Kubicek

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Jack Kubicek

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Carbon Web Print, LLC
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