Recurring email automation

Hi Guys.

I seem to be running around in circles on this one.

We have a list of clients with life insurance policies that renew each 12 months.

We want to send an email to them 2 weeks prior to their renewal each year, with a link to a Typeform to assess whether they’ve had any major changes to their situation that may mean their cover needs to be reviewed.

Let’s say we have a date the policy commenced (DD/MM/YYYY) of 30/06/2017.

Their next renewal email would trigger 2 weeks prior to 30/06/2020.

I have worked through a formula that will calculate this date.

But because the resultant formula column isn’t recognised as a ‘date’ column in the automations and integrations, I’m having trouble working out the appropriate trigger that would send the email (via Outlook integration) each year.

Any suggestions on the right combination to make this work??

Much appreciated!

This is the current formula to work out the future date -

SUBTRACT_DAYS((ADD_DAYS({Insurance Commenced},MULTIPLY((YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Insurance Commenced})),365))),14)

As i understand, this is relatively easy, you dont need to calculate a date in any formula, simply run the integration WHEN A DATE ARRIVES AND THE STATUS IS SOMETHING SEND A EMAIL TO SOMEONE.
and put what days numbers before you want to do this action.

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Thanks, but does the “when date arrives” trigger capture future years?

Or just that specific DD/MM/YYYY?

For example if we have entered the policy commencement date as 30/06/2019, would this condition trigger on the same date in 2020 and 2021?

Or would we need to manually change the date each year for each client/policy?

Hi @j_menezies - you can set up an automation to push the date out by 365 based on a trigger status. Would that work for pushing the date out each year?


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Exactly, there are two different actions to do:
1- INTEGRATION to send the emails on determinated conditions.
2-AUTOMATION to push the dates when they arrive.

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Thanks for the suggestion Laura!

I think I’ve been over complicating the solution, when it’s probably a really simple one.

Will have to play around again tomorrow when I’m back in front of my laptop :blush:

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Sometimes finding the right combo of automations and integrations is like a puzzle - let us know what you come up with!

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