Recurring/repeating tasks

I too am replying to this thread to show that I wish to have this feature on Monday.
My company has just joined Monday and we have many duties that are recurring at different time periods; days, weeks, etc.
I have just spent a couple of hours setting up different boards for the different time periods, and although I have set automations to clear the status of items at he end of each period I don’t think there is a way to reset the dates for the following week / month, etc.
Having a recurring button, like on all mobile phone reminder apps, would make this process far simpler.

So come on Monday! Set up a recurring function for all us moaners on here!


I’m also commenting in support of a “Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annually” option on tasks. Using automations is clunky as there are multiple tasks on one board with several different timelines, and I don’t want to have to use “Reset Status on X Day of Week” or “When Status is changed create new group” like WHAT? That’s so much work, and I’m over here having to add Asana integration to a program that was meant to take over Asana because I hate it. Do better, monday!


This is the most frustrating feature to not have for a project management tool I’ve ever seen.
I totally get that not every tool will have every feature… but how is recurring tasks not a thing?

What makes it even more frustrating, is that instead of just calling it out: “We do not have reoccurring task feature” there are all these weird workarounds that don’t actually make reoccurring tasks.

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Adding my voice here. We have been using (rather naively) over the past 18 months and now are moving to grow and consolidate the usage by our teams and low and behold the one thing all our users are requesting (flexible repeating scheduling for recurring bills, events, etc) I cannot deliver on.
This is really frustrating as like many in this topic, we chose over Asana on a perception of what it can do and are now in a position to have to go back to our users and break the bad news.
Please Monday, this is a fundamental component of a work OS and needs to be implemented ASAP.


Where are the updates on this? This is one of the most basic elements of a project management tool and it’s just…not there? All that needs to be done is add a “plus x # of days/weeks/months/etc” to the date column in the already existing recurring task automation.

We’re just getting started with and I’m running out of workarounds for all of the recurring tasks that we have. How is this oversight not #1 on’s priority list?

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This is a big issue and it is also across multiple comments - cross reference to another ongoing thread of users with the same issue: Need start date for recurring tasks
Please some assistance with this small task

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Count me in as another frustrated user. It seems like an embarrassing omission - I’ve spent ages and still can’t get automations working as I need them to.

I’m not sure I could sleep at night knowing that a piece of software I’d built didn’t have such basic functionality.

Especially given the level of investment received!


It should be a basic function.

I want to create en email calendar for our Marketing department and we have a newsletter that goes out every week the same date.

Any other way to do this without having to enter them manually?

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Just chiming in, we have the same need as @MigBan and were really hoping to be able to use Monday for this. Recurring tasks just seems like a no-brainer.


I’m still new to Monday and maybe I’m being overly simplistic but I added a super-simple automation to an item to get it to recur - in my case, twice a week. It doesn’t seem to assign a due-date but if you use the custom automation I would think you could do that too, yes?

I have been a supporter of Asana for a few years an this ONE simple feature to select a task and just make the date recurring would be the one thing that keeps me from switching. I’m trying to love Monday but this is a deal breaker from paying for the app.

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One thing is having an automation that creates an item every X period in time. Another one is to create an item for a particular day of the week and have it reoccur every week at that same day and populate a content calendar

I am in agreeance with this one…I need a basic recurring weekly tasks automation that can sit on the same board as my new individual tasks and not reset the whole board. Hopefully this is something they look at shortly

I second this Missing the ANNUALLY part for recurrence.

For example I want to send and email annually for birthdays. :birthday:

Only option is daily, week, monthly


It’s amazing that I cannot set an item to recurr at a specific interval from a specific date.

There are monthly/yearly/quarterly tasks that I need to set up now, not the day of, and then I may need to edit them.

I can’t believe this isn’t a feature of a major project management platform in 2022. Wow.

Firstly, I am REALLY enjoying Monday. We switched from Asana and we are not looking back. Looking to go Pro for the whole org in the future!

However, reoccurring tasks is something I’m missing GREATLY from Asana. I love everything about Monday. But the one thing where Asana wins is the ability to create a task and then, when you set a date, simply check a ‘reoccurring’ box. Boom. The task then appears at a set scheduled time. This would be a gamechanger. Adding this would make Monday near perfect in my mind. I understand you can use Automations to get close to this functionality, but it seems very clunky and inefficient.

Here is what it looks like:


Hi @Danp I’m new to Monday, did you add a column titled ‘Recurrence’ to make this work? TIA!

Following. @monday-moderators any updates on this? TIA!

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@monday-moderators why are you not delivering on this? Update please!


What’s the point of having a “community” board if team doesn’t listen to what the community want?

I am trying to set up some boards for my team and was looking for few features (this is one of them) and I’m surprised to see that they’ve been requested for years and the team is not taking them seriously.

If you don’t respect your users’ feedback, just don’t ask for it!