Recurring Task Automation: Reset status column every month/week/x date

Yes, the reoccurring tasks are not handled great, even though Monday has other great features. Hope they address this.

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you’d think this would be a quick feature to whip up and release due to how sort-of obvious it is that it should already exist. i’m a new user — any experienced user have insight into how long it takes and how often Monday makes these kind of usability updates? pricey tool and looks like this thread started seven months ago. this and having functions be a “Pro” level tool (I literally just want to subtract from a number instead of sum – even their logo for the “numbers” column has more mathematical symbols than can actually be used) are making me question if i made too hasty an investment in this app


I am just going to chime in here and say that not being able to properly manage recurring tasks is a huge disappointment. There are many other things I love about Monday. However, this makes assigning our VA’s repeating tasks very difficult. Even if we do create every task with the 1 automation to create a new task - managing those automatons sucks. There is no way to know what automation you are looking at without clicking through. Please get us a solution Monday!!!


Have you ever switched to a system and thought it was the perfect system for you and THEN realized this SAID SYSTEM, doesn’t allow you to easily do recurring tasks without a pointless automaton? Yup, that’s how I feel. Monday, this really should be standard - please, please look at these multiple threads on multiple sites and listen to your client base. You have something great, don’t mess it up .


I envision a column called “Timer” so each pulse gets a timer. The options can be a number of days and be displayed in hours, and then the clock starts ticking down. When the timer column reaches 0, the STATUS from X column resets from whatever status is on to whatever you want to rest it to, e.g., if the status is complete by the time the timer reaches 0, it will be reset to status NOT STARTED, that way each pulse gets it’s own “Timer” and each pulse behaves independently from all others.

So you know how you can connect columns, like a date column to a status column, just think of connecting the so-called “Timer” to a status column and when it reaches the 0 the “Timer” changes the status and resets the “Timer” original set time, so if the “Timer” was set at 5 days, it resets itself to 5 days when it reaches 0. This creates a never-ending loop.

I agree with @bellamyinspires that this is a much-needed feature. Just giving my two pennies.

Thanks @lauraglev & !

Just adding a visual.


+1 on this request.
its a must-have needed feature.


Definitely bumping this for, can you provide an update or check in with the automations team? Would be awesome to move forward with this ability ASAP


+1. For now, I’m using a status column that I’ve automated to push the “recurring” date by “x amount of days/weeks/months”.

Every time a task is completed, I just push the “snooze/restock” status button that I created.

Hopefully that helps until then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @Thao.SFE! I think other users will find this helpful as a workaround!

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Unfortunately if you have tasks with different cadences you need to create a different “snooze status” for each instance. Snooze - 3 days vs Snooze 7 days etc. Any thoughts on this?

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Nobody seems to be aware of the Recurring task feature through automation. Please refer to

@awesome.dan Good to know it now exists.

It did not exist in 2019 and I don’t recall announcing it in 2020.

We are all aware of these automations. Unfortunately the recipes available do not fit our use case. I have tried combinations of automations as well and they don’t work properly. I’m hopeful this will be resolved when we are allowed to write our custom automations.

Hi @MStevens - at this time, the workarounds suggested in this thread are the best ways to reset dates for recurring tasks. Additionally, I have gone ahead and granted your account the ability to make custom automations so you can give these a try! If I’m understanding correctly, is there no way to create a simple automation that says whenever a pulse is marked done (or archived, that’d work too) on this whole board, automatically duplicate it and set the due date forward by X days or X months? Use case is very common: we have bills that are due each month on the same date e.g. 10th of month, and we want to make sure we remember to pay the vendors on time. When I mark something as done status, or perhaps delete/archive that pulse, somehow another tasks for next month should be created.

Already tried…

  • …the recurring automation to duplicate a group each month, but the due dates don’t get advanced forward :frowning:
  • …the “every X days, create ___ item”, but this doesn’t seem to allow you to change the date to be relative either, instead requiring you select a fixed calendar date.
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Hi @jk193! There are a few different ways you could do this. The ways that you’ve mentioned or the the options below:

  1. Set a custom status label to select when you’ve paid the bill each month (i.e. “Push to next month”), and use the automation below:

  1. Use the following automation to duplicate the item into another group on your board and automatically push the date out as needed:

Do you think either of these options could work for you?

Hey Melissa,

Here’s the solution I came up with:

  1. For each bill, add an automation to create a task each month on a set date (“Every month on the ___, create item ____”)
  2. To handle the reminder column, I have one other automation, “When an item is created, set Reminder Date to date created + 1month

This way, I can have the tasks created each month at a set time and also get the dynamic reminder/due date col functionality.

Because the automation won’t really start “kicking in” for a month, I just manually created the tasks I need for the first month I’ll be using

Hope this helps others looking for a way to have recurring reminders without needing to split them into groups!

Hey @jk193 - that’s great! Thanks so much for sharing with the community :slight_smile: I too am encountering issues with setting up recurring tasks to function how we would like, and would LOVE the ability to try to customize my own automations. Is there any way you might be able to add this to my account?

Hi @jhaydon - sure no problem!

I do want to mention that the custom automations will still use the same building blocks available with our current automations, you will just have the flexibility to put these blocks together in the way that best fits your workflow.

With that being said, the custom automations might not allow you full customization in order to accomplish what you are looking for with the recurring tasks. Definitely check them out and feel free to write to us at with any specific questions :slight_smile: