Recurring Task Automation: Reset status column every month/week/x date

+1 on that comment @col-wthomas! And I don’t yet see a whole lot of evidence that anyone is listening, either. But ‘hope springs eternal’, and I sure hope I’m wrong. Sorry @awesome.dan …we’ve all gone there, done that, but that’s not what we’re asking for.


I agree. What we need is an automation that allows us to: duplicate a task; adjust the due date (this could be as crude as having it select from a Status or Drop-Down list indicating frequency) and assign it to the same Board and Group. This would also allow us to mark a task as done, duplicate the task (per above) and then move the completed task to another group (if desired). In other words, the automation is useful for recurring items and selected task follow-ups.


+1 here. So it is now Jan 2021 and no progress on this. There are many simple functions that we realise Monday can’t do and we are now committed to 1 year enterprise account let alone the countless hours setting the system up has cost. The whole reason for buying into Monday was to save us money. It is a large overhead with little return at the moment. Monday are very good at sales. Not so good at development.

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+1000 Please add recurring tasks. Like @BobWeins mentioned, need an automation to duplicate a pulse. Also should reset status, updates, and automatically assign due date with +X days. Such a fundamental function for a PM tool.

I was disappointed to see that there still hasn’t been a solution in 1.5 years.

This is what I finally figured out after playing with various automations. Unfortunately, I had to make a separate Board for my Monthly Recurring Tasks, Quarterly Recurring Tasks, Bi-Yearly Recurring Tasks, and Yearly Recurring Tasks. Most of these items/tasks are various reports that are done throughout the year. Originally I had Monthly, Quarterly, etc. as different Groups within one Board but quickly realized an automation would not work for one specific group (that’s a separate problem).

For this automation, I’ll use my monthly tasks as an example:
I had to create a Custom Automation and I had to use Date instead of Timeline when setting up my columns. It’s a fairly simple board and doesn’t have other boards linked to it. I’m also not using any additional automations.

"When STATUS changes to DONE push DATE by 29 DAYS and set STATUS to UP NEXT"

I don’t know if someone else had made a similar suggestion, but I figured I’d share what I’ve come up with. By pushing the date automatically and only changing the Status, it keeps all updates and tasks in the same Board without having to archive, duplicate, or manually make multiple changes to EACH task, EACH month. I hope this helps someone else! Good luck.

Yes, (sigh!), this is a big problem that has gone on for years now, with no real end in sight. Baffling. What I just did for our team is use the one automation that has ‘duplicate item’ in it to generate what we needed:

When Due Date arrives, duplicate item to (Next Month) group and push date by (1 month). I suppose I could make a separate column for different iterations of Due Dates, so that a different column triggers a duplication in the March group, June group, etc. That will make multiple columns that not every item will use, but at least it will get the item in the right month on one board!

Hoping that inspires the Support Team to help us…or if any of you have some better automations, I’d enjoy hearing about them!

Monday is great at a lot of things and seems to be very responsive to requests, which I appreciate, but this one seems like a glaring blind spot.

All it would it would take, unless I’m missing something, is to add “Change Status” as one of the options under the automation for “Every Time Period.” Right now the only options are “Notify,” “Create Item,” “duplicate group,” and “create group.”

Since nearly everything in Monday revolves around the “Status” column I’m really surprised it’s not one of the options here. This simple addition would solve A TON of issues that are being expressed here. Monthly and weekly automations are crucial and are not the same thing as “adding x days or weeks to a certain date.” Please prioritize this one!!!