Recurring Task to Move Pulses after 30 days

Greetings, I would simply like to move pulses over 30 days to a Table I’ve created on the same board.
For example, I am receiving daily updates from all of my Managers who each have their own Table on the board Daily Updates. I’d like to move all pulses older than 30 days to another Table that I’ve created on the same Board named Archived…sortof a poormans archive.
I can’t seen an easy way to do this…any help is appreciated.



@ssp How do you define older than 30 days?

30 days after creation of item or 30 days after a specific status change? or something else?

Ah, good question, we do daily updates so could do either 30 days from posting or 30 days from today’s date…either would work.

Hey @ssp! Thanks for confirming that timing :slight_smile: When you say different tables in the same board, are these different groups or different views (created using the filter options)? If you are using groups, do you have a Date Column in place to signify when the items were created?

If so, you could use “When date arrives, move item to group” and define the when field to be 30 days after the date:

Does that sound like it could work for you? Let me know if this is not how you have your board set up and we can provide some other options!

Hi Melissa,

-different tables=different groups

-We haven’t been using a date column, is there a way to automatically insert the current date when an item is created?

I could go back and add dates that the pulse was created, then use your method below.


Yes, using this Automation. Make “some days” = 0 days.