Recurring Tasks + Bandwidth

Hi There!

I’ve been looking for weeks to automate recurring tasks but also be able to report on them. I need to see people’s bandwidth every week so I needed those items to be created with appropriate due dates filled out, every week.
Here is a workaround I found:

  • Created Status column and called it Recurring Automation
  • Added 2 status options: Week A and Week B
  • Collapsed the column so it doesn’t confuse users.
  • Set due dates to Sunday next week
  • Set the status of all tasks to Week A.
    Then created these 4 automations:

Therefore, when next week comes to an end on Sunday, it will set the status to week B and push out due dates by 7 days.
The week after, it will set it back to week A and push by 7 days again.

This allows me to see accurate bandwidth for the current week (we track hours):

hope it helps someone solve this issue. Also, if you have any other creative ways to handle it, I’d love to hear it!