Recurring tasks don't come on time

Hi !

We have about ten recurring tasks per day that should appear at 8am every morning but we don’t understand why they appear randomly throughout the day. After multiple checks, we did everything we could to ensure that they would appear at the indicated time.

Has anyone ever had this problem before, do you know how to solve it? It’s quite problematic…

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Can you show us how you’ve set them up? What have you checked exactly?

I had the same issue all day :frowning:

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Yes, here’s a screenshot. Creating a recurring task isn’t very complicated, I just don’t understand why I ask it to appear at 8am and it appears at 3pm or 6pm etc.

Hi @Marine & @Viste! Have you had this problem ongoing or were you just experiencing this issue the last couple of days? We did have downtime with time-based automations 2 days ago that would have affected when these ran. Once the issue was fixed, we made sure to retroactively trigger all automations to ensure they still ran. I’d love to understand if this may have been the culprit!

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Hi Melissa! Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: We’ve had this problem several times over the last few weeks but for the last few days everything has been going perfectly well :slight_smile:

Hey @Marine! So glad to hear it’s been going well over the past few days :blush: Don’t hesitate to reach out to if the issue recurs. We’ll be happy to help you there!

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