Reduce clickable space for the update bubble and closing the update panel by clicking outside of it

Hello there we are new to and we are using this tool to develop websites and marketing.
As a new user I have found one thing very annoying. I don’t know if it has been submitted before but I could not find anything about it…

Here goes: the link to open the discussion or update is on the whole task bar. Following my many accidental clickings, the update panel opens and I cannot close it by clicking outside of it.

Although I really like this tool, I have to admit this is driving me completely nuts :smiley:

I am not sure I understand the choice or the reasoning behind putting the link so big where users are trying to enter the task title as well. Perhaps I am missing something here? But I can tell you that I have clicked accidentally so many times… !

And what about being able to close the update panel by clicking outside of it instead of going all the way up to the corner and aiming for that little X? It would seem like good UX to me…


For the second question you can check out this thread Pulse Chat Window Layout and ask Monday to activate a different/new update view. This one you can close by clicking outside of the modal that opens. Works for me.

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Thank you Eltjo, I will ask for that.

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