Regarding app development using monday

Hey everyone,

I am new to Monday app. I want to build an application using could u please guide me in it?

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Hi, we are on the same search.
Maybe this steps will help you

Building the GitHub examples is a great first step.

The API Playground can help you to check your queries.
It is very helpful and serve as a documentation as what you can do with the queries.

Views/Widget features may be easier to build as the monday sdk does some of the work for you.
Also, you do not need to host the App on your own server as monday cdn can host it for you.

Then again if you are more familiar with a back-end language, the integrations will allow you to keep using it, which may be nice.

Hope it helps :muscle:

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Would go through it. Thanks a lot :grinning:

Thanks for your guidance. Moreover Laurent, I applied for developer pack upgrade as, my team participated in the monday app challenge. Still, did not get any reply. Could you help me with that, then it would be great. :grinning:

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If or when it will be available on your monday account, you will see a Developer row in the menu when you click on your profile icon (bottom left of the screen).

If you do not see it by monday ask Dipro (using @ and dipro), he was able to help us with that step.


Okay. Thanks a lot. :sparkles::v:

Also, we had to activate developers mode in monday labs menu the first time we made an App.

We do not need to do it anymore, but maybe you still need to activate it on your account, at least once?


Thanks a lot , would take care of that. Laurent, I am participating in the monday apps challenge. So, when we are developing an app for this challenge, we need to develop it through features provided by monday or need to self code using kotlin?

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Sorry I wouldn’t know, not working for monday and not planning on entering the challenge myself.

However monday communicated when introducing the Apps that we could use any language to build them.

Views and Widget features will have to be coded in js (vanilla or any framework you like), but you can use any language for the integration features, in my opinion.

Best of luck :muscle: