Regularly, recipes and custom integrations disappear

Those past days, regularly, the integrations from our listed App (QR Code Item Tracking) disappear:

  • You can not find see them in the integration center anymore
  • It doesn’t trigger the actions already configured
  • In the developer backend, I can’t even see any recipe
    See that is action here: recipes not listed anymore - YouTube
    It was resolve yesterday, then, today, it failed again.
    I’m worried about that, because many customers are using this App.
    Is it a known issue?
    @VladMonday @amir

Just tried adding a new Skiply recipe via the integration center and it worked fine. @AlexSavchuk - are you aware of any issues that could have caused this?


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@amir it has been solved yesterday. I received an answer from the support: it was an identified issue.

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Hi @jeromeskiply

Are you able to share some details? I too experienced this and other behavior. The other two ones are:

Permission Denied! Your token doesn't grant access to webhooks:write
This only happens a few times, so the app does have the right scope and the token is derived from seamless authentication (shortLivedToken).

Error: Could not parse JSON from's GraphQL API response
I see this few times a day and it is an internal error in the API. I have discussed this with @AlexSavchuk but there is no resolution yet.

It look like this started around December 28

Hi @basdebruin,

This “total blackout” happened 3 times, and everything came back to normal after a couple of hours (without changing anything on my side). It was identified by the dev team.

I still have a persistent error with the file API since the beginning. Time to time, I have a socket hang up, and I had to find a way to deal with that.

We also have parsing error sometimes, and we see NaN in columns, despite the fact that we are 100% sure to provide numbers.

I think having a dedicated support for devs would be great to deal seriously with those very technical problems.

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Hi @jeromeskiply

Thanks, those “total blackouts” are worrying. I experienced an 6 hour downtime few weeks ago (no shortLivedTokens were supplied) and the status page shows all systems up and running. I had customers demanding refunds as I was not able to show them this was really a platform error. I was promised a detailed analysis but never got that.

I totally agree that the support to dev team should be improved. One of the most worrying answer I got was:

While we greatly appreciate that you are catching and logging those errors for us, I’m afraid I have to confirm that there will be a certain number of errors throughout the API calls that are made, and we do monitor that closely on our end to ensure things are running smoothly. If the number spikes for one reason or another, we investigate the issue and try to figure out the root cause, but for sporadic occurrences, we are not able to troubleshoot this further.

This show that not all issues are analyzed and therefore will keep bothering us. The platform is amazing for end-users but not yet at the same level for developers.


@amir it would be great to see how we could improve that.

Thanks @basdebruin and @jeromeskiply for the candid feedback. While we go through these issues, you can see here outage status in real time. Hopefully it would reduce uncertainty and increase transparency into the issues our IT and developers are working on: Status - Incident History

Hi @amir, thanks for your reply and the link to the (sub)page with the incident history. I was only aware of the main status page.

My concern is that there are (major) outages not visible on those status pages. This leaves us (as app developers) in a dark place as our mutual customers starts complaining the apps are not working and we can’t proof that there is an issue with the infrastructure.

Just as an example. On December 18 the platform issues invalid shortLivedTokens for a period close to 8 hours and nothing regarding this outage can be found in the status pages or a post mortem. The last message I received on this from Vlad was (see below).

All we need is that the status page(s) are accurately showing when there are issues affecting the functionality of the apps build by us (the app developers).

Hi Bas, thanks for reaching out.

The issue was localized and solved, it was related to the infrastructure change that was starting to roll out this morning and it affected only the seamless authentication mechanism.

It took us time to localize an issue because the only API calls with seamless authentication were affected (which is new and not a lot of apps are using it), but when we understood the impact of the problem we fixed it immediately.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and I personally want to thank you for the cooperation and patience!

Thanks, Vlad

One of our customer is experimenting integrations that disapears right now. This seems to happen again. We did not change anything to the App, except adding new features. And on my side, it works well (we can see the integrations and use it)…

I may have found what the problem was after discussion with the customer… I will let you know.

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