[RELEASED] Add/Remove Users and Teams to Workspaces

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone!

Jumping on here to announce that we recently released a few mutation methods for our Workspaces. These new methods include:

  • add_users_to_workspace()
  • delete_users_from_workspace()
  • add_teams_to_workspace()
  • delete_teams_from_workspace()

As their names imply, these methods will allow you to add and remove users and teams from your workspaces.

For adding user(s) to a workspace, you are able to not only send an array of user IDs to subscribe to the workspace, but also you are able to specify the kind of user subscription (i.e. whether the user is a regular subscriber to the workspace or an owner of the workspace).

Here is an example query for add_users_to_workspace():

mutation {
    add_users_to_workspace (workspace_id: 20178755, user_ids: [105939, 105940, 105941], kind: subscriber) {

Excited to see how you all implement these in your workflows; happy building!