[RELEASED] API for predefining values for columns like Status/Dropdown

After creating new columns on the board like Status or Dropdown, I would like to predefine some labels /options for these columns. I.e: in case of Status column I would to define some set of labels and link them with colors.
Is this possible vi graphQL API?


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Check out this thread.


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This is not exactly what I want to achieve. I want to modify the “metadata” of the column Status, without providing item id (I want to modify that what comes in “settings_str” for the Status column).


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Unfortunately that i snot supported by the API yet. You can set a status to an existing value through the API, but you can’t add/delete/modify status values.

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As Bas mentioned - this isn’t currently supported via the API. You can create these values on the UI and then change the status to one of those values using the API.

This is something we’re hoping to support in the future.


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Hi @dsilva,

Any update on this (even a proposed date for this to be added)?
We are trying to create standardised boards for users from our organisation and this not being part of the api is preventing us from doing this.
Manually setting up everyone’s boards would be quite painful
I would have thought that the status/dropdown columns would be two of the most used columns and that this would be a high priority to be added to the api.


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Hi @Jarrod_Stubbs,

Check out the announcement I just made about the ability to create new Status/Dropdown labels if they don’t already exist here.

Might be what you’ve been waiting for!

Thanks Helen, this has come too late for us but I am glad that other people will have the option to standardise their boards via the api

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