[Released] API v2 - Querying and Mutating File Column

Thanks @Ayelet.

Can you share any additional details on where it falls within your road map? If the road map is publicly available, can you point me to it?

I’m asking because we are deciding whether monday.com will meet our needs for a project. The ability to fetch attachments via API (coupled with a webhook, which I know is in open beta) is a key feature for us and we would need it “relatively” soon.

The ability to upload attachments via API is not as important, but it would be a viable workaround to provide a solution to Email integration discards attachments? . For example, it would allow us to use AWS SES + AWS Lambda to receive and process email and then use the monday.com API to create a pulse and upload attachments.

Thanks again.

Any update on this?

Even if we were able to get an authentication token/login then we could leverage some other current features of Monday.com to pull the attachment (i.e. email notification/subscription on change, get the URL, have an authentication token to access the url/download, and then download the attachment “manually”)

The files functionality is still not available and it will not be available at least until Q4.
Very sorry that I don’t have anything else to share about this matter.

Hi @Ayelet,
Are you also considering upload files to the file column using the API. That would be wonderful as I often needs to create rows and upload files based on a zip file.

Hi @basdebruin,
Yes- we are planing to add the upload files to the file column with the API!

Hello @Ayelet I’m really interested int the upcoming functionality ! If there’s any need to test a preview of the solution, count me in

At the moment my workaround is to upload attachments to S3 and provide via updates links to download them. Either the FileColumn or attaching files to updates would be great for me.

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I just want to add my vote to this as well. I am trying to automatically create Support Tickets in Monday.com from emails into our support account.

But I need to copy up any attachments from the email to the item (and add a note with the original email text).

Currently I am going to have to copy the files to some external storages (like Azure Storage Containers) and then link to the files. Less than ideal.

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Hey @Ayelet did this make it into Q4? Or is there a plan for early this year? There’s another recent, related thread here: Retrieving Assets/Files via API

For our purposes, all we really need to is be able to make authenticated GET requests for files. Manipulation and upload via API is cool, but just downloading for now would be amazing.

just checking on this. I’d like to be able to take what’s in the file column and upload to Dropbox.

And ideally I’d like this to be automated.

is this feature up yet?


Hi. I see the Files column is up and running. Is there any information when it will be possible to upload files via API?

Hi @Jorma, whee did you see the file column is available through the API, did you found any documentation on this?

Hi. Just to clarify. The File Column is not available through the API.
At the creation of this topic, there wasn’t a column available as File Upload, and it was noted, that when this column is added there will we API option to use it as well.
The column itself is now available, but not the option for API usage - so question remains - when/if will it be available.

Hey everyone!

We definitely want to add file support via the API and know all of you are waiting patiently for it. Can you post your use cases here? Specifically, I’d love to know what your integrations do and how access files will allow them to be more useful moving forward.

While the feature has always been on our roadmap, transparently our devs are pulled in a lot of directions and we have not been able to implement it fully yet.

We would love to understand your use cases here, so we can see how API file support fits into your workflow and prioritize it accordingly.


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Hi @dipro

I use monday.com for bid management. Bid / tender request published on official government website and consists (including appendices) of 6 - 15 document per bid. Every time one of my customers want to submit an offer I import these 6 - 15 documents in my bid boards, see

I would be very helpful if I can use the API to process all documents in a bid / tender, download them from the government site and upload them to my monday.com board. Probably the download is a zip file with the documents, but I can easily extract the individual documents and upload them to my board.

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Hello @dipro,

Our original use case was as a ticketing/triage system. Emails would be sent to an address which is handled by AWS SES (Simple Email Service). An email would trigger an AWS Lambda and that would author a Pulse and transfer all attachments from the original email to Monday.com. We were exploring the API because the current email integrations discard the attachments. I have a separate thread for that request/issue.

In addition, we have a system designed to offer full text search of all files. This other system would connect to Monday.com’s API to fetch the files for processing/incorporation into that full text search. We would use a webhook to trigger the fetch.

Honestly, at this point in the project the priorities have shifted a bit so I’m not sure if we would still build out these use cases, but I still wrote them down in case they are useful to your team.

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Thanks a lot @basdebruin and @wesleyg! I know you’ve posted this in other places before, I appreciate you documenting it in this thread as well.

If anyone else has use cases for the file column (and file support in the API more generally), please post them!

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Hi Dipro, @dipro

I was wondering if you can say anything on the feature requests regarding the API V2. For me the most important ones are:

  • mutating the file column (uploading files through the API)
  • mutating the link to item and mirror columns (as they point to the original boards in the template)
  • adding / deleting guest users to boards
  • API keys for non admin users

Hey @basdebruin! Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

I don’t have an update for access to files, link to items, or adding subscribers to boards.

However, I do have an update for API keys for non-admin users. We are working on implementing OAuth for our platform, which will allow you to generate API keys for any full user on your account. Each key will be limited by scopes and the user’s permissions! :clap:

We hope to release this feature in the next 6-8 weeks!

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Hi @dipro we’re currently working on project for a client where they would like to expose the status of a workflow/process to their clients via an external portal. They keep track of everything in Monday.com, including files. They would like their clients to be able to access certain files the keep in Monday.com hence our need for this API.

Can you give any indications as to when this might become available?

Hey @pcebo!

We added this feature over the weekend :slight_smile: Check out my post here for more information on how to access and upload files: You can now access and upload files using our API!

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