[RELEASED] Feature Request: Not Equal Support for API v2 Queries

As of right now I don’t see a way of submitting a query where a value does not equal something.

Rough example of what I would like to be able to do:

query {
    items_by_column_values (board_id: 1234567, column_id: "status", column_value: {ne: "Done"}) {

or maybe something like:
column_value: !"Done"

Hi @jasimpson, welcome to our community!

Great question, I agree that this would be a super helpful feature to have.

I know that our team is looking to allow you to input multiple values within the same column to search through (which would be slightly better than what we have now but not as great as !“Done”). I’m going to followup and see where we are in that process.

Hi @jasimpson!

I’m so happy to say that we recently released this feature.

Check out my newest community announcement here, and let me know if you have any additional questions.

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