[RELEASED] Getting to the parent item from a sub item

Hi All,

Is there a way to get to the parent item from a sub item?
We need this to display sub items properly, the sub items are in a different board. so we can get that board, but not the item that this boards serves. any ideas?


Hi @YossiT!

At this time, you’re able to query the “groups” field of a Subitem, if you know the Subitem board Id.

However, this behavior can be rather unpredictable-- sometimes it will return the parent item Id, and other times just the word “topics”

Rest assured that this is a limitation our devs are aware of and currently working to resolve!

For now, I would recommend using the column_values call on the parent items to see their connected Subitems, and then using a separate call to see the information in the Subitems.

Hope this helps!


HI @Helen

Thank you so much Helen for picking this up.
We wrote an integration to Microsoft outlook.
there the customer can search for a specific item
since we list the borads, the groups and finally the items for him/her to pick from
we get ‘subitems for X’ boards where we list the sub items. but they all have generic names like ‘subitem’ - we thought it will be good to get the parent item from the subitem and list it as ‘subitem 1 (item a)’

can you please see if it will be possible to add an API call to get the parent item from a subitem?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @YossiT,

Thank you for letting me know more about your workflow-- that makes sense.

At this time, I’m afraid that querying the parent item Id from the Subitems is a little more difficult and inconsistent (see my first response). For this option, you can just query the Subitem board, then items, then use the group_by field to see the groups each Subitem resides in.

You can definitely try it out and see if you’re able to get any discernible connections though!


This would be very helpful for us as well. I’ve tried using the Group ID field and it doesn’t work consistently, as you noted above, sometimes it works but sometimes it just returns “topic”… We are linking our sub-items (which represent the individuals involved in a case, nested under the parent item for a case that consists of two clients) to their submission forms (housed on a different board). We would like the act of linking the sub-items to their submission forms to also create a link on the main item. The connect boards column on the main “case” item would allow linking multiple items, whereas the subitems would only link to their individual submission.

Hi @YossiT, @max!

Wanted to update that we recently released the parent_item field for querying subitems.

Check it out here: [RELEASED] `parent_item` Field When Querying Subitems

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