[RELEASED] Modification of dependency column through Monday API

I was wondering if there is a way to add dependencies to a task using Monday API. One of our application would need to automatically link tasks with each other and the dependency column seems like it would do the job. However I have not found how to access it in the API documentation.

Is it possible to access it at the moment or is the function not yet implemented in the API?

Thank you

Hey @jearay!

The dependency column is a variant of the Link to Item column, and is currently not supported by our API. However, it’s a highly requested feature and on our roadmap!

Hey @dipro , thanks for the update. The monday-team seems to be pushing hard right now with all the features surrounding sub-items and dependendies - and it looks great! However, I do have two questions here:

  1. Around which time can we expect that feature to hit production?
  2. Is there some kind of beta-program that you still need testers for?

Hey @keysie :wave:

My warmest welcome the monday.com community :raised_hands: I hope you enjoy your stay.

At the time, I am not able to commit to an ETA or even a rough timeline just yet on the release of this feature. As far as subitems go, as always, you can keep up with the roadmap for subitems here - however, please note that while this information is shared to outline some of our plans, these plans are subject to change depending on our capacity.

We are not looking for beta-testers at the time, but I definitely appreciate your interest in this :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest in making monday.com better!


Hi @dipro - Any update you can share on the availability of the Dependency column via the API? We have a large migration from another system where we would like to use the API to ensure an accurate migration of all dependency relationships.

Great news! You can now update the dependency column via the monday.com API.

Check out the release in our Changelog here: Dependency Column Support

Check it out @keysie @PolishedGeek @jearay :crystal_ball:

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