[Released] Reaching Activity Log from API

We would like to query on Activity Log of pulse. Is is possible right now or planning to do later?


Hi @mehmet,

Thanks for reaching out :wave:

I’m afraid that our API does not yet support the Activity Log.

While I can’t offer an ETA as to when/if this might be available - I’ve since shared your request with our team here at monday.com. I certainly think that this would be a valuable addition to the API.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @Scott-monday.com,

can you roughly estimate when the activity log will be available in the API?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @Scott when the activity log will be available we need this feature? Do you have any estimation?


We absolutely need this or something similar. Our BI efforts to report on user adoption across our ERP products require that we know if our users were active within the last day/week/month. Something like this would enable that. Please keep us posted!

Just wanted to update this post to make sure it has the best information. The activity log was added to our GraphQL API recently!

Check out our documentation here: Querying the Activity Log