Releasing our first monday apps!

Love the whiteboard feature. I almost always end up using my whiteboard during interactions with colleagues to illustrate something or other. It makes so much sense to be able to do this in-app while on a Zoom call etc. And as Bas suggested - to be able to then store that all within a pulse for later reference by all would be very useful.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback on the apps! I’ll pass this along to our team :slight_smile:

@Paolo @TheOtherPM @Oscar-Sinorbis – we briefly had some issues with cross-browser support in our apps last week, but it was resolved. FYI.

I personally love the online docs view on our boards. BUT my CEO doesn’t like it because there is no visual cue for her that there are docs to be viewed. Is there some way to note that there are docs available and maybe associate them with a particular pulse?


agreed! An online doc view for each pulse would be a big help. Imagine how awesome it would be to add these links via Zapier/API. Every time a doc is added to a Google Drive folder, add the file link to a pulse.


For the whiteboard, I would love to have a function that is similar to a ‘post-it note’. Basically just a coloured textbox.

This is exactly what we want in our team. to be able to add google docs links thru API.
Do you guys have a road map for features?

This looks like it has great potential. Am particularly excited about online docs. Don’t forget to integrate the file platforms you already support, like OneDrive.


Is it possible to count the totals of a Time-Tracking column with the Pivot Table?

@dipro Online Docs sounds like an amazing feature. Has anyone got it to work with O365 files stored on OneDrive? Every document I tried to add in gives me a …refused to connect error where the document should be.

@dipro Hi there! Will the pivot view be able to support formulas? Thanks!

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We need to see sub totals.

So if you have a row let’s say Group and then another row by Status and then another row person, We should see subtotal for the status and group.

In excel it’s called sub totals.

Also we really need formulas in here.

Lastly we also should be able to add the task as a row.

Nice feature would be expanding and collapsing the rows so if you looking at status you can expand our to person and then again to task.

This is my 2 pence worth

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I was excited when these apps first came out but I’ve noticed that after testing them when they were first released, we haven’t used them since. Are others the same?

I also remember when the whole Work OS thing was announced that the team showed this data that said most users were only using a small amount of the app’s features.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I reckon these new apps are far less important than some of the core feature improvements that I belive are needed.

Things like improved and streamlined communication. (Messages are getting lost between notifications, inbox and updates, and we’re only a small team).

Or the ability to properly mirror data from one board to another. The current mirror colum doesn’t actually mirror, it’s only one way. Which means you can’t create proper databases in

Those pain points have been around for a while now,and they keep coming up in the forums. (There are others, but those two are the ones that spring to mind right now.)

On the other hand, I’ve never seen anybody request a whiteboard app or a word cloud app…

I’m frustrated that is throwing more flashy features into the mix without taking the existing features to completion. I would like to see you apply the 80/20 principle. Focus 80% of your time on the 20% of features that people use the most.

Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic? And I’m not a software guy or a big business guy or anything like that.

It’s just hard to know where is heading, given the recent decisions to remove the roadmap from your website and to announce new features in so many diffferent places.

We initially chose because of its powerful simplicity. I hope that doesn’t get lost in the flurry of flashy new features.

Sent with good intentions to the awesome team and community.



Well said, Paul. You took the words out of my mouth.

Monday apps are nice but not essential. Like you, I’ve trialled them then moved on because they don’t immediately apply to us or our workflow. I could use improvements in core features today and see immediate boosts in productivity and better engagement from our team members.

Please Monday, improve the core features ASAP.


I’ve trialled them then moved on because they don’t immediately apply to us or our workflow.

Same here. The embedded docs could be a huge help if you could connect directly to Google drive or onedrive in the app’s pane and be able to see/open docs from there but having to manually import each one ended up being a time waster rather than a time saver.


I’m seriously confused about your future strategy!!!

You’ve now released an app so we can see an Airtable board within


In my mind, Airtable and are competitors. If I’m paying for I don’t want to also pay for Airtable.

Instead I want to make Airtable redundant so I only need Right now, this would basically require to develop proper mirroring capabilities so we can create proper relational databases. That’s the key thing that Airtable knocks out of the park right now, which doesn’t. can’t become a proper Work OS until the existing boards can FULLY link with each other.

Now THAT would be a much better use of your time than creating an Airtable app within

Like many others, I’m keen to see the future roadmap to understand where the hell you’re taking this thing.!

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Could not agree more! I have no use for any of those extra features. I have been waiting patiently for the ability to calculate between two number widgets to do simple things like show a conversion rate in % in a dashboard for example. But no. We get a pivot table which is pretty much useless. Because of this we don’t use dashboards at all.


We all have our different requests to make a real WorkOS. In this community I do see a lot of (very usable) feature requests like two-way mirroring, subtimes, API support, containers etc. What I don’t see are end users requesting views on competitors products (like Airtable), world mapping, twitter feeds etc. IMHO some of these new apps are counter productive, I don’t want a twitter feed in my monday WorkOS because (in my case) my twitter feed is not at all related to Work :slight_smile:

Combine with the fact that we don’t have access to the roadmap makes monday.con just a little less attractive to me.


Agreed. I really think are missing the mark with these apps. I won’t use any of them.

I’d prefer to see basic productivity improvements in the core functions of


I feel the same way you do but I’ve definitley worked in orgs. where the video time is using AirTable and dev is using Monday and ops is using Jira. That’s insane to me, but I appreciate Monday’s desire to help combine data streams

Im agree with all of these comments.
In fact, i have already posted about a month ago.