Releasing our first monday apps!

Releasing our first monday apps

As you may know, we’re working on releasing a new apps platform this quarter. Today, we released five new features that were built on our apps infrastructure. They are the Board Pivot, the Collaborative Whiteboard, the Working Status app, the Online Docs Viewer and Image Annotations.

The tools we used to build these features will soon be available for anyone to create their own monday apps. The apps themselves are already available in the view and widget center:

To learn more about our apps platform, click here.

Why an apps platform?

We want to make it easy to build applications that expand the functionality of our tool and to integrate other services into the Work OS.

We decided to put our own tools to the test by building production features as apps. You can learn more about the thought process behind each app here.

What’s next?

In the upcoming quarter, we will be releasing more features as apps to show the capabilities of our apps platform. We will also release the beta version of our apps platform itself, including documentation. If you haven’t already signed up for the beta, fill out this form.

We hope you enjoy the new apps. And as always, let us know what you think in this thread!


Looks amazing. of course it’s alpha yet but especially the whiteboard is really cool. Imaging to have an app that shows your zoom call, a whiteboard and a chat and when you are done with the online meeting the zoom recording, the chat and whiteboard (preferably in kind of timeline movie) is stored was an update to an item in you board.

Cant’s wait to start working on developing these kind of apps.


Really excited about these new features. Cant wait to try them out :slight_smile:

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Not sure if it’s just me, but when I create one of these new views… nothing actually comes up on the screen.

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They are located under “Dashboards”. Edit: Me being to fast You can also find them directly under boards and Add View. If they don’t show up try refreshing your browser with “CTRL+F5”

@dipro thanks for the update but unfortunately these new apps don’t work within OSX native app :unamused:

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The embed docs viewer is excellent! I am already using it a lot.

One thing that could make this easier for us is to have the name of the file automatically pull from the title of the document into “Name your link:”, at least with google docs.

Also, having some way to note or filter by the person who embedded the doc would be great.


@dipro i dont know if it´s only me, but dark mode only works on the setup window, the rest of the view still normal white.

That is the same as me. i tried creating a pivot table in dashboard but couldn’t actually get it to show anything.

Love the whiteboard feature. I almost always end up using my whiteboard during interactions with colleagues to illustrate something or other. It makes so much sense to be able to do this in-app while on a Zoom call etc. And as Bas suggested - to be able to then store that all within a pulse for later reference by all would be very useful.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback on the apps! I’ll pass this along to our team :slight_smile:

@Paolo @TheOtherPM @Oscar-Sinorbis – we briefly had some issues with cross-browser support in our apps last week, but it was resolved. FYI.

I personally love the online docs view on our boards. BUT my CEO doesn’t like it because there is no visual cue for her that there are docs to be viewed. Is there some way to note that there are docs available and maybe associate them with a particular pulse?


agreed! An online doc view for each pulse would be a big help. Imagine how awesome it would be to add these links via Zapier/API. Every time a doc is added to a Google Drive folder, add the file link to a pulse.


For the whiteboard, I would love to have a function that is similar to a ‘post-it note’. Basically just a coloured textbox.

This is exactly what we want in our team. to be able to add google docs links thru API.
Do you guys have a road map for features?

This looks like it has great potential. Am particularly excited about online docs. Don’t forget to integrate the file platforms you already support, like OneDrive.


Is it possible to count the totals of a Time-Tracking column with the Pivot Table?

@dipro Online Docs sounds like an amazing feature. Has anyone got it to work with O365 files stored on OneDrive? Every document I tried to add in gives me a …refused to connect error where the document should be.

@dipro Hi there! Will the pivot view be able to support formulas? Thanks!

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We need to see sub totals.

So if you have a row let’s say Group and then another row by Status and then another row person, We should see subtotal for the status and group.

In excel it’s called sub totals.

Also we really need formulas in here.

Lastly we also should be able to add the task as a row.

Nice feature would be expanding and collapsing the rows so if you looking at status you can expand our to person and then again to task.

This is my 2 pence worth

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