Reliability issues with using webhooks through API


Denis here, dev at and working on our integration. We are encountering several blocking issues when working with webhooks.

Basically, we’re creating webhooks through the api via a an api token provided by the user.

The issues are the following:

  • The webhooks don’t appear in the list of integration;

  • The events stay stuck on In Progress in the activity log and we never receive the event;

  • Tried on a new trial account to make sure it wasn’t a problem of limits.

Can you please advise? We have many customers expecting the syncing feature we’re trying to make.

Denis from

Hello there @denishacquin,

Would you be able to send us an email to

In this case we will need some more information and through that email we will be able to follow this issue and look for a solution for you.

Please include in the email:

  1. Your accounts slug or ID
  2. The ID of the user whose API key is being used
  3. The mutation you are using to create the webhook
  4. The response you get from our server after you send the mutation
  5. Is the endpoint in a running server?
  6. Does the endpoint return the challenge as explained here?
  7. What happens if you go into the integration center for current integrations in the board and wait a few seconds? Do the webhooks appear?
  8. A screen recording of the steps you are taking to create the webhooks and to trigger them would also be helpful

Looking forward to your email :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hello again @denishacquin,

I wanted to let you know that our team found the issue and is working on a fix that should be deployed very soon.

No need to send that email if you haven’t already!

I will let you know when the fix is deployed.


Hello again @denishacquin,

The fix was deployed!