Remove Connections/Links in Connect Boards Column if Linked item(s) were deleted

Image demonstration on how to use the app

It is hard to understand why this (remove connection when linked item is removed) is not solved. Monday introduced a whole new range of webhooks (that include item deletion trigger) so other apps like Rollup Multiple Boards) do indeed remove the connetcion when the linked item is removed.


@basdebruin Absolutely! It makes no sense at all. To me adverts like this: are actually really false, cause in real life and use you can’t work with that template (where money is involved) without the option of “remove connection when linked item is removed”. As it is it would mean that you would never ever ever make a mistake in your donor management…

So my point is, this one single fix would make all those Templates very valuable and for the first time actually usable. It is for that reason that I can’t understand the lack of interest from monday to fix this fast. They would get a ton of happy new customers.

I am having the same issue with mysterious connected items from boards that have since been deleted. As others have said, this is a data integrity issue and materially impacts the expected functionality and benefit of the connect boards feature. Therefore, this is not a debate about priority and community up-voting, it should be a bugfix marked with very high priority within

After discussion with the support team today, I have been informed a fix is planned for 28th September 2022 and we can expect an announcement here (or in the main community channel) ASAP.

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