Remove integration accounts/webhooks by click


I´d like to remove unused accounts/webhooks for custom webhook in integration center by click. Current approach is quite complicated.

I asked:
“I have many integration to Integromat and apps script using webhooks. It is starting be messy. I’d like to know which ones are used. I’d like to remove unused ones. Maybe it is because I’m just guest. I’m freelancer helping clients.”

I got answer
"As of right now, the only way to remove these additional accounts is by passing it to our developers.

In order to best proceed, I would recommend reaching out to an admin or the board owner to make sure you know what account should stay and which one’s should be erased.

We will also need admin approval to allow our developers to log into the account as a one time log in.

Let us know how you would like to proceed after speaking to an admin of the account. "