Rename of column IDs

I do it with the API and postman.

Unfortunately I can’t create board-relation columns with the API.

while its possible to lookup based on title, having the column id be “sitecontact” would be very useful on a board-relation column for example.

why? because then in my code i dont have to make extra calls, iterate and match title in the returned data for the column ID , then use that column id. If i need to update a sitecontact on an item in a board - the column is always sitecontact.

Has the creation of the column ID’s changed recently?

I used to be able to create “custom” column ID’s via the developers back-end by setting the name of the column to be what I wanted the Column ID to be and it worked for a long time.

Now it generates a random Column ID and I’m not sure what to do about it. Super frustrating as it breaks a lot of integrations I normally setup for my clients.

Hello there,

Yes. The mechanism has changed and we now use one that is based on the column_type + ongoing index.

Having said that, we are reviewing the change since we have a few requests to go back to how it used to work before.

We will announce if we go back in our changelog.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face: