Rename Webhooks URL

Hi there! I am wondering if there is a way to update a Webhooks URL to the command that it is using for future use. This is mainly driven from the fact that I have 3 webhooks that are being sent out on a template board, and when I duplicate or use that template the webhooks commands do not duplicate over the webhooks integration. Right now I am the only person who knows how to set them up and which URL is which command. If I could rename them, it would make it easier for someone else to do the setup.
I would even settle for a ghost copy of the integration so that the person could just confirm the setup.

I created a short video here walking through my issue.

Hello there @jailynnhoops!

As of today, there is no way to assign a name to a webhook’s URL.

If I understand correctly, you are saying that you have a board with webhooks in it. That board is saved in a workspace template and when someone uses that workspace template feature and adds a duplicate of the board, the webhooks are not there at all (not active, and not inactive).

Is this correct?

@Matias.Monday Yes! Exactly. We have tried duplicating the board and using it as a template. It’s very odd.

Hello again @jailynnhoops!

Would you please send a screen recording of the steps you are taking including:

  1. The board with the integration
  2. The app in which you have the workspace template of the workspace with that board (please show that the current version is live)
  3. You adding the workspace template and entering the board and showing that there are no integrations there

Please send it to so we can take a closer look and give this following from there.


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