Repair Tracking for Bike Shop

Hello there, we are a small two-person business and are having difficulty tracking spare parts which are sometimes supplied to our customers under warranty. Please see the description of what we “think” we need below…

We sell 3 wheeled bicycles, mainly for the disability market under the name Trike Bike. Occasionally some sort of defect will slip through from the manufacturer, a customer will get some sort of shipping damage, or a part needs to be replaced under warranty and we need a way to track what is going on.

These tasks to be documented so they can be chased up and claimed under warranty from our manufacturer. The parts will be supplied in our next shipment but we are losing track of everything because it can be 6 months or more between shipments and by the time our next shipment comes a lot of things get forgotten. I have tried to explain a little bit more of the details below

Let’s say for example I have sold you a bike and it has a broken bell

I need a way to record that you “name and invoice number” have an issue that needs to be resolved and you have described that your bell needs to be replaced because it is not ringing properly.

I need a way to record that we have received your complaint and we have…

  • automated an email message to our manufacturer saying that a customer has a defective part
  • automated an email message to our customer saying we have sent you the bell and we now hope you are a happy customer

I need a way to email a list all of the items including your bell that have been replaced due to either a warranty issue for a manufacturing defect and then send this list off to the manufacturer and they can use this as a packing list for the replacement parts. When these parts are received we can mark that task as complete.

What we need is really quite simple but we don’t have the time to go and learn the website, it is better for us to engage a specialist to set it up and we can use the program straight away

To reduce data entry, perhaps there is even a way where the customer can submit the claim online through our website and it gets imported into automatically to save duplicating data entry.

I will leave some of these features and ideas to you specialists, but would appreciate hearing if someone is interested in this small job, an idea of pricing and implementation time.

Many thanks Michael Coates

Hi @Trike-Bike / Michael

Welcome to the community!

I am happy to jump on a call with you. We are based in Australia and been given the 2020 APAC partner of the year award for our outstanding services. Just drop me an email (formerly JTs Cloud) and we can have a quick chat.

Talk to you soon!

Hi @Trike-Bike welcome to the community!

thanks for the details of your use-case and the example provided. I would be happy to work with you to get set up to track customer replacement parts, and streamline/optimize any other ways your team may be using

There are definitely ways to reduce data entry and automate/sync data into your account to reduce the amount of manual work required.

I have a couple questions for you regarding your current software:

  1. what program are you using for product purchasing/payment?
  2. Are you using or plan to use for anything else besides part replacement tracking?

I offer a free consultation to provide a quote and get any additional details regarding your needs. Feel free to schedule here: Calendly - Tim Little


Hi Michael,
All that you have described is certainly well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on all this.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hi there, I would like to hear about who ends up helping and what your solution will be to the following:

“To reduce data entry, perhaps there is even a way where the customer can submit the claim online through our website and it gets imported into automatically to save duplicating data entry.”

Hi @AnthonytheEngineer - How have you been? Best way we’ve found is to use a website form that is compatible with Integromat. Have the form send the data to Integromat, and then you can do (virtually) anything with it in monday you want, including updating an existing record.