Repeating Due Date Reminders

So there’s a great automation “When date arrives and status is something, notify someone.” that I’m using to send me a reminder if something is not done. However, it doesn’t allow you to “notify someone every time period.” Because of this I’ve had to set up additional automations for all my other status labels individually to send reminders every day.

It’d be great if we could get one that merges these two together by changing the “is” in When date has passed and status is something, notfy someone every time period an “is/is not” option.

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Hey there, Krishele.

There is an automation that goes as follows: “when date arrives and status is something, notify someone”

This automation allows you to change the “is” command to “is not” and, i believe, would solve your issue. Have you tried exploring this automation yet?

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Hey @mrdjallen. Yes, I’ve got that one but it’s missing the every time period to make it repeat. As a workaround, I am using the one you mentioned but have to make one with the time period for every status that is not the done text so I get the reoccurring reminders.

Hi Krishele,

Could you make use of this one?

You’d need to customize the notify portion to check a specific group/board but it would remove the status condition.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

The notification is because of the status though so it needs to stay.

So how it works is I have Project A set with a due date of 25 July. It is not in a Done Status so I want to give myself a notification at a certain time on the due date. However, if I don’t update the Due Date I never get that notification again.

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