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We have synced up our email and our customer onboarding. When a lead emails us, we email them back through the board. Is there a way to tell if someone has emailed you back in the board? Like a little red dot or something. I don’t want to get an email notification telling me I have an email! We have a lot of enquiries and would like some alert or notification if someone replies to one of the emails that were sent. It doesn’t show in activity and really hoping there is a way.

Thank you!

If you add an email status column and use the internal tracking with the Emails & Activities feature, there is a built-in automation that will change the email status of an item when an email has been opened/ replied to.

Another way to reach a similar result is to use a separate automation that says “when a new email is received, move item to group” - that way all new replies will appear in a group of your choice.

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Fantastic! Yes that makes perfect sense. Thank you! :smiley:

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It look like this post here Reply notications - #2 by GovConHacks might have answered your question, is that correct?

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