Request automation: move item from specific group to a different board

Hello! Is it possible to make automation which allows to move an item (by specific status) from specific group to a different board? There’s definitely a way to do it from all the groups of a board, but how to specify just one?

hi @olgagorskikh
There is no out-of-the-box automation that works on just one specific group. I have build an app (see New app available: Status Controlled Groups) that moves items from one group to another.

If you say “move to a different board…” does it matter to which group the item is moved to (is the top group ok for that). Let me know and I can have a look into it.

I have one board with different groups. And another with same groups. So, when the Status changes to smth specific, I’d like to move the items from one board and group to another and the same group. Was trying to find any way of doing that, but no luck.

That is indeed not possible. Even with a custom app it will be difficult to understand to which group (target) the item needs to be moved to. No problem with filtering so the the automation works only on on specific group. The issue is how to make sure the same group exists in the target board.

I’m even ok to create several new boards for each group. I.e. I have one board with several groups and then with automation I move items from one specific group to its own separate board. Any ideas?

(The reason: with my team we are having separate groups for separate cases and we want to move closed tickets to a separate storage still divided by cases).

Oops… I am afraid I was a little too optimistic. I had a close look at the available API calls and unfortunately no API call is available to move an item to a group in a different board. I am afraid it is not possible to implement what you want. Below picture show what you can do with an item through the API (nothing more :frowning:). The “move item to group” specifies that the group needs to be on the same board


Sorry for bringing the bad news.