Request Continuity People and Status Modes for "Assign To" and "Completion"

Hello! I made a feature request video to explain how we use Monday, our current workaround, and feature requests! See below for summary and bullet points:

  • Request is for a “Column Mode” similar to the “Deadline Mode” where a Person Column can be designated as an “Assigned To” or “Owner” in which it sets that person column apart from other Person columns. Then we can search across all boards where a task is specifically “assigned to me” - no matter if there is a due date associated or not.

  • 2nd Request is for another “Column Mode” similar to above that converts a status column to a “Completion” status that is uniform across all boards, with simple options that are pre-set “Complete,” and “Incomplete” - this would be great for to-dos and tasks where there are stages of completion (multiple status columns) but one final that designates if the entire pulse/task is complete.

With these 2 features, we as a team could then easily see “all tasks assigned to me that are incomplete” across all boards… regardless of the other custom columns they have not in common etc.

Thanks for considering!