Request for a file compression options


I built a process on Monday in which we use Docugen in order to request a query from our suppliers.

As part of this workflow, our clients fill out an online form using Superform, and our team creates a document using Docugen containing all of the details in the Form, and sends it to the supplier to request a quote.

Due to Docugen’s limitation weight of 500K per file and 4.75MB for total file weight, we have a problem generating documents containing all of the files, in our case pictures, which the customer uploaded through the superform.

This problem could be solved if there was a way to compress the pictures that are uploaded on Monday.

We don’t mind that it will be in low resolution since it’s only required from our supplier to recognize the parts which in the pictures.

It will be Highly appreciated it if you could address this issue as soon as possible since all of the workflow is ready and that’s what prevent us from implement it and start working


WOW I encounter the same issue!
We at Spot-nik are working on a method that while you upload the file to Superform you will be asked at what size and resolution you wish to upload. But this might take us some time to devlop.
If there is a simple solution on the go- I would love to hear about it :slight_smile:

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He All,
We have developed a solution which to deal with this issue.
It’s an APP which compressing the pictures after they uploaded to Monday.
If you encounter this issue please let me know here , we will be happy to help

Is there a reason you’re not simply posting a link to the app? I have a need for it, but not sure why there are 2 accounts on Monday posting about this “app” in a cryptic way without sharing how to get it…