Request to fetch boards is failing

I am running the following query:

query QuerySharedBoards ($limit: Int, $page: Int) {
	boards (limit: $limit, page: $page, board_kind: share) {
		creator {
			account {

I get the following error:

input: Cannot return null for non-nullable field Board.creator

According to the latest schema at:

and at:

the creator should be mandatory.

Can you please help?

Hello there @toshetah,

We have a topic about this. You can follow this issue here :grin:


Hi Matias,

I see the issue has apparently been fixed in the other thread, but I’m still getting this error as well. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hello there @foresty,

And welcome to the community!

Would you be able to please fill this form so our team can take a look into this? Please add as much detail about your case as possible.

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